A reader wrote in to ask which was better on a Facebook Fan page.

  • Use the wall as the homepage?
  • Create a custom look using boxes amd FBML?

Facebook fan pages are really mini-websites where a brand, product or individual can create community around themselves, get some feedback and hopefully input from fans and take advantage of the search engine benefits of a Facebook page.

Fan pages are also generally a collection of “tabs” with different purposes. Maybe you’ve got pictures or movies, a discussion area or something a little deeper like an application or custom layout using Facebook Markup Language (FBML) and a feature they call “boxes” allowing us to add custom ares to a page.

Fan page- Boxes or Wall?
To answer that question we need to know more about the purpose of the page. If what you want is lots of user-interaction you may want to consider making the first thing a user sees the input from other users. This could be the wall or discussion area. Most fanpages make use of the wall as their homepage.

However, there are notable exceptions. If you’re all about design, using the page to engage with a Facebook Application or simply as an ad or alternate web page, then you might think about building something custom using FBML.

This video give you an overview of some Facebook fan page design ideas and how each works to drive traffic to your website or build interaction with your fans.

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