Customizing your Facebook Fan Page can really help strengthen your marketing and branding efforts. You’ve probably seen other Fan Pages that seem to have some extra customized tabs or added boxes for signing up for newsletters. This is usually the result of adding the Static FMBL application and inputting a bit of HTML code. FBML stands for Facebook Mark-Up Language and is a Facebook developed and supported application which makes it safe for adding to any of your pages. (Note: The Static FMBL application can only be added to a Fan Page and cannot be added to a personal profile.) Using the FBML application is easy if you are familiar with using basic HTML code. If you’re not comfortable with HTML code, you might want to hire a web designer to help you with this task.

This video will cover the basics for how to add the FBML application to your Fan Page and then how to add a Follow Me Twitter icon to show on your Wall to help your Facebook Fans find you on Twitter.

To add the FBML application to your page, go to the application page and click on the “Add to my Page” link underneath the profile picture. If you have more than one fan page, it will ask you which page you want to add the application to. You can add it to one of the pages or to all of your pages right from that window.

A couple of tips about using this application:

  • You can more than one FBML box to your fan page
  • Images for these boxes will need to be hosted either through your own hosting service or with an online service like Photobucket. In the case of, the images are hosted on their site.
  • There are size (height/width)  limitations to the total size of the FMBL box depending on whether or not it’s in the sidebar of your Wall or on it’s own tab. For instance, to add an image to a box that will reside on your Wall tab, it will need to be a size that fits within that column otherwise part of the image will be cut off.
  • To add a box for newsletter sign ups, you will need to use an email marketing service like Aweber or Constant Contact and create a web form. Please note that not all email marketing platforms will create a form that works with the FMBL application as the application does not support Java-Script code which some web forms use.
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