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YouTube just recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and made the astounding announcement that there are 2 billion video views PER DAY. Releasing videos on YouTube is a great way to increase your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube videos will often come up on the first page of search engine results for most keywords or keyword phrases. The next time you do a search on Google for something, take a close look at the first page of results and mostly likely you will see results for YouTube videos somewhere on that page.

There are also social and community components to YouTube which allow you to connect with other users by “friending” them, subscribing to other channels and commenting on videos with options to post a video response to another user’s video. Just as with other social networking platforms that you are using to help with your online visibility, it is important to brand your account and to use specific and strategic keywords and tags not only for your channel but for you videos as well.

To create a YouTube channel, you will need to choose a user name and create an account with Google if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve created your account, you will then have options for customizing your channel and selecting other account options. You can choose one of their available color themes or create your own. A background image can be added as well which can be your logo tiled or if you can create a custom background image (much like is done for a Twitter account). If you are creating a custom background for your YouTube channel, it cannot be bigger than 256K and recommended dimensions are 2000 x 2200 with a central 960 pixel column in the middle for the channel content.

The next step will be to edit your profile which includes the name you want to show on the channel, your channel description and a place for a link to your website or blog. There are other fields you can choose to fill out along with options for deciding which fields will show in your profile. It’s important to add an avatar or profile picture which can be done by going to the account settings. The profile picture can either be a picture of you or some smaller version of your logo.

You want to take the time to set up your channel so that when people come it, they will get a real sense of who you are, what kind or type of video content you publish and to also see this as an opportunity to further brand your business. A visually appealing channel can often entice other users to want to subscribe to your channel or to send you a friend invite. When other users are friends or subscribers, then they receive updates when you’ve posted new content for them to view.

This video will cover some of the basics for how to set up your YouTube channel and how to customize your channel.

Video Tutorial

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