Look at custom Twitter backgrounds and you’ll see there are a lot of similarities in what people do. You can only be so creative with a Twitter background because you are slightly limited by the design constraints of the Twitter content layout.

Look at the basic Twitter page design
At the top of the page there’s about 50 pixels from the top before you reach the main content area of the page. The Twitter logo takes up the first 160 pixels, then you’ve got a little space and then the navigation area. Notice how some people use this area for a branding statement or sometimes an email address.

Most use the first 150-200 pixels from the left side of the page as where they add images and more information.

It’s important to remember that people can’t click on any of this, so if you add a URL or email address it only has to be the domain name (SocialMediaCoachingCenter.com ). You’re really just telling them that you have a web site, a blog or whatever social media networks you want to highlight. They’ll have to remember the link if they want to go there.

That’s why many people use this space simply to make a statement about themselves rather than trying to share too many links. Tell Twitter who you are, what you do and why they should be interested in following you.

This video shows off the specifics of some nicely designed  profiles to give you ideas on how they came together and what could work for you.

If you’re ready to create your own background designs here are a couple of ideas for you to download as Photoshop Source Documents (PSD).  Download the Twitter Background Template. Still don’t want to deal with it? Contact us and we can build you one.

Hey, and once you’ve built your background add a link in the comments so we can share the love and see what you created.

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