Last week Twitter announced the launch of Blackbird Pie where you can plug in the URL of a tweet and it will generate HTML code you can use to embed that tweet on your site or in your blog. Previously, online publishers were primarily using screenshots to show specific tweets in their articles or posts. Blackbird Pie is meant to assist with embedding the actually tweet complete with a link back to the original Twitterer’s account, their avatar, part of their Twitter background, a link to the original tweet and links to other Twitter accounts that might be mentioned in the tweet. Obviously, it’s more than just a screenshot but it’s also an effort on Twitter’s part to create more links back to them.

To generate the code needed to embed a tweet, you will need to find and copy the URL of the tweet you want to embed. To find this, look directly under the tweet where it has a time stamp. It usually says something like “about 2 hours ago.” This is actually a link to the unique URL for the tweet. If you click on on it, it will bring up a page showing just that tweet. This is the URL you will need to copy.

It usually looks something like this: “

You can then go over to Blackbird Pie and paste in this link and click “Bake It.” This will bring up the code that you will need to copy and paste into you blog post to create the embedded tweet. What then comes up is something like this:

Facebook’s Huge Maze of Privacy Options Mapped Out – Privacy – Lifehacker than a minute ago via Seesmic

As this is still a fairly new feature, there are bound to be some bugs with it that they will continue to work out over time. The site also mentions that they are working on reducing the amount of code needed to use this feature. The video below is a brief tutorial of how to embed a tweet.

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