I’m always on the hunt for a new Twitter app, or a new iPhone app and I download and test a ton of ’em and share them with my friends and clients. But I don’t review very many. This one is different. It’s called “TweetAgora” and it can do a lot of the things I use multiple apps for or only wish I could do.

It’s a Twitter client for your iPhone that lets you have multiple accounts. Lots of Twitter apps do that, including my favorite, Echofon.

But what if you could:

  • Filter your stream in one click to show only tweets with links, or photos or re-tweets?
  • Mute a person while they were…say, at a conference and then un mute them without having to un follow/follow?
  • Mute Tweets by keyword or even conversations?
  • Exclude check ins on popular geo location tools?
  • Send tweets directly to Evernote or ReaditLater for follow up or publish to instapaper?
  • Create your own “Agoras” custom feeds that combine people or lists you follow into one customized stream?

Come on, you know you want it. Some of that stuff you hadn’t even thought of but now…now you gotta get Tweet Agora. I want it for the desktop too. Sorry Tweetdeck, I’d dump you in a heartbeat. (aren’t we fickle?)

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Tweet Agora also integrates the powerful Cadmus filtering service. For somebody who really uses Twitter for business this is truly powerful stuff. Cadmus offers some very cool tools in it’s own right, filtering through the noise and bringing out the real value in not just Twitter but FriendFeed and even a whole slew of rss feeds. In itself it’s a very cool filtering tool. AND, until Tweet Agora is available for the desktop give the Cadmus plugin for Seesmic desktop a spin.

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