As a Fan Page Administrator you have the ability to review and download certain data elements which can help you understand not only who your fans are but how well they like or engage with the content you post to your fan page. The Insights data provided by Facebook is not as comprehensive or thorough (and has been known to be incomplete) as what you would find with Google Analytics but it is worth reviewing.

At a quick glance, you can access weekly interaction data and a couple of data graphs and some simple demographics which will provide you with a quick overview for the past few months.  The two graphs readily available include data about fan interactions with the page and  information about the total number of fans over time. These graphs are accompanied by chart which include gender breakdowns. There are a couple of dropdown options for  each chart that provide you with the ability to breakdown the numbers a bit further such as looking at Interactions per post or top countries represented in your fan base.

These graphs and charts are helpful as visual aides in looking at patterns over time. You also have the ability to download the raw data into a spreadsheet so you can tabulate and manipulate it in different ways. The data export options included Fan and Interaction data , Country data and Demographic data. The Fan and Interaction data are probably the most interesting and relevant data to review and analyze.

Insights data often lag behind a few days so if you are wanting to look at your data monthly, you’ll need to wait a few days into the month to have access to the last few days of the previous month.

Facebook announced in January that analytics would now be available for each post on Fan Pages providing Admins with the ability to know how many times a post appeared to it’s fans along with some other data elements. However, these data are only available to “authentic, verified Fan pages.” Fan Page administrators  are only provided the option of authenticating their pages once they have reached the 10,000 fan limit. So, this means you will need to have 10,000 fans before gaining access to the per post analytics. You can read more here about Facebook’s explanation of this feature.

This video will walk you through how to find and download the data and cover some of the basic data elements provided for understanding your Fans and their actions.

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