WordPress is updated frequently. Sometimes it’s because of security issues, sometimes to fix bugs, and sometimes it’s for new features or infrastructure changes. It’s a good idea to upgrade your WordPress install regularly but there are some things to think about before you click that button!

Before you upgrade
Check to see that your host is ready for the upgrade with the requirements for the current version here. Generally this isn’t an issue but it’s important. so go look!

Check to see if your theme is compatible with the new version. This depends a lot of whether you’ve got a custom theme and who designed it. Check with the theme designer’s site or your site may not look the way you expect it to after the upgrade.

Are your plugins going to work? Take a moment to look at your plugins on the WordPress plugins page.

WordPress 203A WordPress Automatic upgrade « WordPress Plugins

It you see the plugin version is not compatible with the version of WordPress you want to upgrade to either disable it (if you don’t mind having it off for a while) or wait for it to get updated.

Back up your data

The upgrade itself is a piece of cake thanks to WordPress. You can upgrade from the dashboard in most recent versions, or if you prefer you an download the latest version of WordPress and follow WordPress’s instructions for upgrading.

Now here’s the easy part. Watch the video to see how to upgrade automatically!

Video Tutorial

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