Google Profiles are another way to give people a way to find you and your other social media profiles. Think of it as a hub for your social media connections and as yet another way to drive traffic to your social profiles. Setting up a profile is a snap and you can add your social networks, some information about yourself and a picture so that when someone searches for you they’ll see a link at the bottom of the search with your profile information in it.

Google Profiles are also a good way to optimize your personal network of websites and social media profiles, and with the recent addition of Google Buzz your profile is even richer with content you’ve discussed on Buzz. All good from an SEO standpoint.

A verified profile is also a way to guide people to “the real you” when you have a very common name and there are other people out there you don’t want to be mistaken for. Here’s a quick video to walk you through the process of verifying your existing Google Profile. Don’t have one? Get your Google Profile here.

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