WordPress is a constantly evolving platform and this new release, WordPress 3.0 has some big changes in it. 218 individuals contributed to the new version and the changes are pretty substantial.

Custom pages
We’ve been telling clients for years that WordPress makes an excellent platform for building a website that’s easy to maintain and very search engine friendly. WordPress 3.0 takes a big step towards making that easier with several different options for custom pages without having to hand-code new template pages.

Custom snippets.
Coders call these “custom taxonomies” but let’s speak in English here shall we? Now you can have more options than adding just tags and categories to a post. For example, a movie review site can add the ratings to each post. (G, PG, PG-13, R) to every post automatically and users will be able to sort posts by selecting the one they want to view.

Menus administration
If you use the Thesis theme you’re used to being able to manage your menus to put them in the order you want. Now you can do this across WordPress themes with nifty AJAX drag and drop tabs.

Custom designs
The new theme “Twentyten” lets you add a custom header or background image or set background colors without having to touch or understand the CSS for your site.

Link shorteners abound, but do they use your own domain name? Now you can create a shortened link with your own domain name and keep your branding. Of course it would be best if your domain name is short!

Multi-site control
Remember WordPress MU (multi-user)? Now it’s fully integrated with the latest version. If you’ve got a lot of sites running within your network you can manage all your sites from one central location.

Before you go upgrading though, you should read this post–”Upgrading WordPress” for step by step instructions.

Video overview
Here’s a quick overview from the folks at WordPress.

Video Tutorial

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We’ll say it again. Before you upgrade, view our WordPress upgrade tutorial to make sure you’re ready and so are your plugins and themes!

Need help with upgrading, installing or modifying WordPress? We’re here to help! Drop the team at Tatu Digital Media an EMAIL and we’ll get right on it.

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