I saw this video and just wanted to share with you some thoughts on blogging for business.

Blogging can help you put down on paper what makes your business the one that everybody should flock to instead of the other guy’s. And that’s YOU.

YOU are the heart and soul of your business and if you aren’t you should be. When you blog, it allows you to talk with your readers about industry trends and events that shape the way you do business. It allows you to reveal how passionate you are about what you do and why it should matter to them too. It sets your business apart from the shop next door by distinguishing what makes you special. Blogging allows you to reach out to your community and other bloggers who have important things to say too and offer their thoughts and opinions to your readers too. Blogging allows you to finely tune your message to the world through the process of writing it. You have to really think about what message you’re sending, collect data and provide insight, and that makes you better at what you do. It can be like a mini retreat where you think about one particular facet of your business at a time, turn it in your mind until it all becomes clear.

When a reader develops a bond with you on your blog they are much more likely to care about your business. Here’s what Seth Godin and Tom Peters have to say about it. What do you think?

Video Tutorial

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