Not too long ago, LinkedIn announced the ability add a link to your Twitter account to your profile along with the ability to send tweets from LinkedIn to Twitter and vice versa. Now, they’ve gone a step further with additional Twitter features including the ability to tweet and track all of your followers from within LinkedIn. If you haven’t already, you will need to install the LinkedIn Tweets Application in order to access these features. The Tweets application will allow you see all of your Twitter followers, your Twitter stream and to tweet directly from your LinkedIn account. This application also includes a module which will recommend new people for you to follow on Twitter based on your LinkedIn recommendations- which is a great feature for finding relevant people in your networks and industry to follow.

There is also a new tab in the Tweets applications called “Connections” which provides you with the ability to view the tweets of all of your LinkedIn Connections who are also on Twitter (provided they have linked their Twitter account with their LinkedIn profile). This feature also lets you easily see which of your LinkedIn Connections you are already following on Twitter, which ones you are not following and give you the ability to follow them easily with the click of a button from LinkedIn. You can see their latest tweet by simply hovering over their Twitter ID.

Another nice feature is the ability to create a private Twitter list of all of your LinkedIn Connections from within LinkedIn but that can also be accessed from your Twitter account or whichever Twitter application you are using. LinkedIn will automatically keep this listed updated as Twitter accounts are added or removed by your Connections. By keeping this LinkedIn Connections Twitter List set to private, it means only you will be able to see it and others will not cannot access who your LinkedIn Connections are from Twitter.

The video below will walk through where and how to use the new Twitter features of the LinkedIn Tweets Application.

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