You know, the platform you develop your brand on doesn’t matter in the least. What DOES matter is that the people you want to get to know you, who would most benefit from knowing your brand are using that network. I suggest you go through a few steps:
1. Clearly identify what your brand is all about. What does it stand for, who is interested in it, what do you represent as a person?
2. Identify who you want to be interested in your brand.What networks does that market use?
3. Create a very short list of focused key words or phrases that represent what your brand stands for.
4. Search through a broadly focused social media search tool like and find out where people who are interested in those keywords are discussing topics you can participate in.
5. NOW you can decide intelligently what platforms to build your brand on.

I recommend starting on 1-2 platforms at the most in a focused manner. This keeps you from getting spread too thin and allows you to build your brand on that platform more quickly and have deeper connections with the people who follow you.

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