There are a few key elements here to use on the content you embed in your iFrame Facebook Page that can make a huge amount of difference in how your fans use and share your content. These little bits of code are pretty simple really, and if you can handle a little PHP you can handle this easily and put interaction with your fans on every page.

So what we did with the iFrame kit was to give you the code for these key elements so you can use them on your own pages. These templates are already well commented and we included information on how to structure your page and what the key code elements are to make iFrames play nice with Facebook! In the download below you’ll get the files for all of the following interactions.The Comment Box
Giving your fans a way to comment on the content you provide gives them a way to start a discussion with you and for you to respond so everyone can benefit from the answer and join in. These comments can be shared on your fans’ profiles as well, so it can really help spread the word quickly.

add a Facebook Comment Box

The Share Button
Giving your Fans a way to share your content gives you access to their entire network. And their network’s network. Discussions about your contnet can spread quickly through repeated sharing and help bring people to your page.

Twitter Stream
If you want to add your Twitter stream to your iframed page you can call a couple of lines of script, upload the php functions and style the box to suit the page you’re embedding it on. This is an example of what that can look like.

Add your Twitter stream to your Facebook iFramed content


We provide these scripts without Warantee or Guarantee. You’re on your own here, any support offered is based on the current understanding of the operating policies and rules of Facebook at this moment in time and we are not responsible for any changes they make or modifications you or your coders may make to these scripts. If you do not know at least a little PHP you may want to consult a professional. You MUST create your own Facebook Application and enter the values for that application where called for in the scripts.

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