Lots of business started out on Facebook before they really understood how it works, and maybe you’re one of them. You set up a personal profile to use Facebook for your business instead of a fan page. That’s actually a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use and your account can be cancelled for it. It IS all quite confusing really, and Facebook seems to be realizing this and taking steps to make things a little easier.

One of these is allowing you to change your personal profile page to a fan page.

This post is going to show you how to do this, but first, before you start doing things, PLEASE read the whole post. Making this change has some negatives as well as positives and we want you to understand it before you dive in!

How to tell if you have a business page or a personal profile page

Can you send and receive friend requests? Then you’ve got a personal page.

Can you only “like” people and pages? Then you’ve got a business page.

Step 1

Back up the information on your personal profile page. Not everything will be transferred to your new page, so if you don’t back it up it’s gone. Your page will look brand new, so you may want to have content ready to re-post.

To back up your information, click here and follow the instructions to download your information. (Even if you decide not to convert, it’s a good idea to back this up once in a while!)

Step 2

It is a requirement in Facebook’s terms of use that you notify all of your friends before you make the change from a personal profile to a business page. Not everyone may choose to “like” your new page. Don’t take it personally since you are changing it to a professional relationship.

Step 3

Take a good look at your profile. After you have done a back up, are there images in the photos that you don’t want to be on your business page? Delete them now so you can start with just the images you want to put out there. Are there applications that were fun to play but not really part of your professional persona? Remove them.

Step 4

This is the biggie. Are you sure you want to do this? Remember, you can’t go back, and your access will be limited because now it’s a business page. OK, if you’re sure, here’s a link to the help section on Facebook to convert your Facebook profile into a business page. (Facebook updates these, so you’ll get the most recent information.)


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