There is a lot of confusion over what an iframe is and how it works with Facebook pages. Actually there is no voodoo or rocket science involved at all. An iframe is simply a frame around content. With Facebook, the frame is restricted in size to fit within the Facebook page. In order to get the frame on your Facebook page you first need to become a Facebook App developer and then you can build a Facebook app as your frame. This tutorial will show you how to do that.

Basic things you’ll need to know first:

  • iFrames are only 520 pixels wide by 600 high. Your web page contnet must fit inside this or Facebook will either re-size it to fit or add scroolbars.
  • It’s a good idea (but not required) to have both in icon and a logo image for your application
  • icons are 16X16 pixels
  • logos are 75X75 pixels
  • You need the URL to the content you are framing (canvas page)
  • If you are transferring secure information you’ll also need the https address.

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