We’re delaying the release of new  Facebook Page templates and tutorials due to the final drop-dead date for <FBML> code on Facebook. They announced they were going to do this quite some time ago, but now the date is set. After March 11, 2011 it will no longer be used. Instead you’ll be required to use the new Fan Page iFrames. Trust us, this is a change for the better!

While you will still be able to use the FBML code you got from us on existing pages, you will no longer be able to create new tabs on your page using FBML We’ll be posting tutorials and down-loadable templates here for members to use ASAP.

An additional note on this. Only people who are Facebook Developers will be able to create pages. Don’t panic, you don’t need to learn tons of code, we’ll take care of that in our tutorials and downloads, but you will need to sign up to become a Facebook Apps developer in order to create tabs in future. You can do this from your own Facebook account and use it on all of your pages.

Here’s how you do that

Visit the Facebook developers page. You’ll see a popup box asking for permission to access your information.

Facebook Developer

Say yes and you’re one step away. Your account must be verified either with a mobile phone number or a credit card number. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to create new Facebook apps, and that, my friend, means you’ll be able to create new tabs on your Facebook page!

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