Facebook is constantly adjusting their privacy settings and they’ve just made it much easier to control it on a post-by-post level.

When you create a Facebook post you’ll have several options.

The first one is to tag the people you are with, or you want to make sure see the post. Just start typing your friend’s name and Facebook will locate them and add them to the post. (You must have connected with them on Facebook as friends already).

Next, you’ll be able to choose to add your location by Geo-tag. I highly recommend you’re careful with this one. Perhaps not using it when at home or a friend’s house to let the whole world see your address on a map? Of course there are a lot of times it’s very appropriate, like at a public event, restaurant ¬†or conference.

Facebook places

You’ll also be able to edit the settings on a post for who gets to see that post, both when you post it, and be able to edit those preferences on a post-by-post basis from your main time-line at any time. MUCH better Facebook!

Just as a precaution here, it’s been my experience that every time Facebook changes a permission setting that other settings get disturbed. Take a minute right now and go into your Facebook settings and review the privacy settings you have set up to make sure it’s all the way you want it.


By the way, here’s a post about a nifty little app to check your Facebook privacy settings.

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