While everybody is all a-twitter about the Google Plus pages Twitter rolled out some changes of their own. Really it’s not that big a deal, but here’s the story (pun)

The big news actually happened a few days ago. Twitter is promoting users success stories at stories.twitter.com. Users are encouraged to submit stories about how they’ve used Twitter in interesting ways and the ones they like will be featured on the site. Some of these stories really are great, like how Aaron Durand of Portland Or, wrote a blog post about his Mom’s bookstore and then tweeted it out with an offer to buy anyone a burrito who spent more than $50 on books. I love this. This is what makes Twitter… Twitter. Click on the link above and go browse a few. It’s fun!

Twitter / @everydaydude: if you're in Portland do m ...

There are changes to the interface too. Mentions

Your mentions tab now shows both mentions where people send a message to you and re tweets of your messages.


You can get a closer picture of the people you follow. Click “Following” on the right side of the page and you’ll see a list of followers and their profiles. Click the “Tweets” tab and you’ll see the timeline of their tweets. Now on your own Twitter page, this is the same as the regular timeline, the cool part is when you browse someone else’s’ profile and click the tweets on THEIR following tab. You’ll get a much better idea of their network and who you want to connect with there.

Twitter / Tweets from people @jfouts is following.

Activity Tab

Before you go look, know that this feature is rolling out little by little so you may not have it yet. Instead of the re-tweet tab you used to have, now you’ll have a tab called “Activity”. On this tab you’ll see the recent activity of people you follow including,re tweets, favorites and new follows al on this one tab. It’s going to be a good way to keep closer tabs on your connections, even if you have a largish network. (note, if your acct is protected only those you allow to see your updates will see your activity).

@Yourname Tab

The user name tab is where you’ll see who is favorite and re tweeting your tweets as well as tweets to you and new followers. Pretty much all you, all the time!

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