Twitter launched new layouts for our Twitter profiles on 9/18. A lot of people haven’t done much with them yet, but it was fun to watch them launch this new feature on the Today Show and see what people are starting to do with them.

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What’s new with Twitter profiles
Now you’ve got a little more real estate to represent your brand with, though in some ways it’s very limiting because your basic info, bio, avatar and links end up smack dab in the middle of whatever header image you choose. The new design is responsive, meaning they change size when they are on an iPad, your mobile phone or the twitter website too.TODAY web and devices










How to set up your new Twitter profile image

To add a new profile header, log into Twitter, then go to settings and select design. In the right hand column you’ll see “Customize your own” and a button that says “Change Header”.

You’ll be prompted to upload a header image with the recommended dimensions of 1200 pixels wide by 600 tall., and a maximum file size of 5 MB. This would be HUGE if it really showed at that size, but your image will be re-sized once you upload it. You’ll be able to zoom in and move it around to get just the fit you want.

A few tips to a better Twitter header image
Remember that the center of the image is taken up with your bio, image and links. That means your header image needs to be pretty un-complicated, or you can use some clever layouts to really focus the user’s attention like these.



You could go with something that makes a statement, like this one from Charity Water, focusing the hands on the center and the link.


Use color blocks to set off that white text, or just use a solid background color and call it a day.

@BreakingNews@Breaking News


@MichaelKors @MichaelKors




Besides the header photo, your other photo uploads are now more prominently displayed. You can use this to your advantage by uploading photos that are relevant to your messaging on Twitter. Now those scintillating photos of your lunch will be front and center too, so maybe it’s time to prune a little?

Did you create a cool new Twitter header image? Share a link here and we’ll help spread the word.

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