facebook statsMany people are seeing the new insights for Facebook pages show up as an option on their page admin panel. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect from the new insights.

The new analytics are WAY more useful than the older version. You can drill into what’s going on with the page and learn about your fans.


The overview tab gives you a quick glance at page performance and the 5most recent posts.

  • Click the tab titles for more specific looks at each
  • Review your most recent posts and their performance


  • Look at likes per page, and drill deeper to look at paid (ad) likes vs organic, unlikes and net likes for the page
  • See where your likes are coming from. On the page, mobile usersm suggested pages, post by other people or “others” (mentions, checkins, offers)
  • Which page tabs are fans visiting?
  • If you’ve run a contest lately on a tab your analytics will show for that specific tab.
  • Click on the tabs on the right to see the different ways people are liking or un-liking your page and how they find it.


  • See post clicks, likes, comments and shares
  • What kind of targeting did the post have?
  • Reach and engagement metrics
  • Sort by reach or engagement to see what’s really working.
  • Is there one that is under performing but you know your fans will love it? Give the post a boost right from insights
  • See when your fans are online to time your posts for the best reach
  • View which post types get the best results (There is no answer for every page for this. Finally a way to easily see what works!)


  • See who is paying attention by gender, age, geography and language
  • You can see number of net fans, but now you can see more about who was reached and who engaged.
  • Drill into the post reach and see whether your page is getting their reach organically or from promoted posts or ads and click the benchmark tab to compare performance over time.
  • Information is limited to the last 28 days, so be sure to comeback every few weeks at a minimum and export your data!

All in all this is a big step forward for Facebook Insights. Go take a look if you have it enabled on your page and start learning about your fans and what is working for them!

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