• Twitter at Work I really use Twitter apps more than I do the website, but there are still some things that are best done directly on the Twitter website and I bet you don’t know some of these. Take a few minutes to fine tune your Twitter experience.Tailored suggestions
    Whether you’re new to Twitter and need to find some relevant people to connect with, or an old hand exploring new niches, tailored suggestions are a great way to find people based on recent visits to websites that have integrated Twitter buttons or widgets. Twitter suggests accounts to connect with based on your website visits. They only stores your data for 10 days, so as your interests change so do your recommendations.

    The discover tab

    The discover tab feels a bit spammy to me at times but if you dig past the first screen there are some fun toys in there. Click on “popular accounts” to see the most popular accounts in several categories. Take a moment to scan the “news” category for example, and you can quickly follow many of the best news sources in the world. Your stream will instantly be more interesting. Add them all to a list and you can share that list with everyone with one link. Here’s my news and information Twitter list.

    Speaking of Twitter lists
    Not everybody uses these effectively. I could go on at length but suffice it to say that public lists let you honor people who share great information and private lists allow you to keep an eye on competitors, clients and keep your private interests private.

    Block Twitter usersMobile notifications
    We tell all our clients that turning on mobile notifications is one of the best ways to stay on top of Twitter activity without having it open in your browser all day (ooooh, shiny…..). Set your notifications for relpies at a minimum. I have direct messages on as well and my clients know they can send me an SMS or a DM and I will see it and respond quickly. Now if you’re one of those folks who auto-followed everyone you might want to un-follow those DM spammers first, but if you have a clean account it should not be a problem.

    Let’s say, just for example, that you know someone who is a retweet machine. They still post interesting information but they also retweet everything in their stream. Instead of turning them off completely you can just turn off their retweets. Click on the person icon on their profile and select Turn off Retweets. That’s all there is to it. They don’t get a notification and all you’ll get from now on are their unique tweets. Note that this only works if they click the Retweet option on Twitter. If they copy and past and use RT or use an app, it may not block it.

    Did you know you can take back your own retweet? Just go to the tweet you sent and click “Retweeted” and Twitter will remove it from your stream.

    Take back a Retweet

    Embed Profiles
    You can drop any public Twitter user’s timeline into your website. You could use this for an upcoming event, recent news and information (think BBC, The Weather Channel, NY Times Photos) or to embed your own or your company’s tweets in a sidebar. Click the link in the drop down to embed tweets, enter any username and select some options and then click “create widget”.

    Here’s an example from my friends at @Dishcrawl

    Tweets by @dishcrawl


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