Maybe not anymore. In February Google rolled out an update to their algorithms directed at sites that duplicate content as well as those that “spin” articles (replacing phrases and words so they aren’t exact duplicates and then posting to article hosting sites). They’ve just rolled it out globally to English speaking countries as well. Google… Read More

So, you want people to blog about you eh? Great idea, bloggers can be a huge help in getting the word out about you, but firs they have to find you, Second they have to think what you have to say is important enough to share with their readers. Let me tell ya, bloggers guard… Read More

There are a lot of factors to consider before you start blogging for your business, and surprisingly the first question is NOT WordPress or Twitter. This is the first post in a series we’ll be doing as a companion to our WordPress classes, but the ideas apply to any blogging platform. So, you’ve decided to… Read More

If you follow us on Twitter you’ve already seen the notice from WordPress that a critical update was just released. So, what does this mean and what do you need to do if you have a WordPress blog? What’s the problem? This update fixes a vulnerability in WordPress’s coding that could allow a hacker to… Read More

WordPress themes make all the difference in the way your blog is presented to the world and they allow you to change from one look to another in a few clicks! There are thousands of options out there for a WordPress theme, so how do you decide which ones suit your needs, gets you the… Read More

I saw this video and just wanted to share with you some thoughts on blogging for business. Blogging can help you put down on paper what makes your business the one that everybody should flock to instead of the other guy’s. And that’s YOU. YOU are the heart and soul of your business and if… Read More

Recently there have been several injection exploit attacks on WordPress through specific hosting companies. Godaddy, Network Solutions, and most recently Media Temple hosted sites were targeted for the attacks. The one I just dealt with on this blog (and 23 of my own and client blogs) was called JohnnyA. It inserted a Javascript that re-directed… Read More

It’s no secret that we think WordPress is the best blogging platform, and we recommend it for Websites too. WordPress can enable you to create an online presence for a fraction of what a traditional web site costs and have an easy to use content management system (CMS) to boot. Installing, configuring and training on… Read More

WordPress gets frequent updates and you’re not always sure if, when, how or why you should update. This tutorial shows you how to upgrade your WordPress install and how to decide if it’s time to update and what to look for before you hit that update button! Tweet… Read More

There are some amazing plugins and some that will make hash of your WordPress install. The key is to know what you want, see if it works with your themes and version, then look at reviews and bug fixes to make sure it’s current and the reviews make sense. In general you can just un-install… Read More

The newest default theme with WordPress 3.0 is called Twenty Ten and it takes major steps forward in the ability to control the design of your WordPress blog right from the start. The ability to easily add menus and drop-downs is something many people used to go to premium themes for. Here’s a description of… Read More