Don’t like the little tiny editing box in the editing window of WordPress? This is where you can change that, decide of you want to use emoticons, let WordPress correct¬† XHTML weirdness. set your default posting categories, post remotely and all kinds of other fun stuff. Tweet… Read More

Widgets are nifty little bits of code that can add huge amounts of functionality to your WordPress blog. Generally, but not always they are used in the sidebar ¬†(sometimes called the side column) of your blog, but they can be used in other areas of the site depending on your theme design. In this video… Read More

Getting a look that works for you or changing your existing look in WordPress is easily done with “themes”. Here’s how to install them and find new themes for your blog to suit your needs. Tweet… Read More

The media library can be a powerful tool for you on your blog. Upload all of your branding images, PDF’s or documents¬† for download so they are available to your team to use in blog posts as necessary. This video gives you a quick overview of how to use the media library. Tweet… Read More

Permalinks are the permanent links to your posts. It’s how people can link to your posts on their websites and share the posts with their friends. There’s a lot of customization you can do to make these links more user and search engine friendly. Tweet… Read More

WordPress is updated frequently. Sometimes it’s because of security issues, sometimes to fix bugs, and sometimes it’s for new features or infrastructure changes. It’s a good idea to upgrade your WordPress install regularly but there are some things to think about before you click that button! Before you upgrade Check to see that your host… Read More

Finding images online is easy right? You do a little search on Google and all the world’s your oyster. Uh… no. Using somebody else’s images could be a violation of copyrights. Sometimes that can turn into a very big deal. Tweet… Read More

The WordPress discussion settings tab is where you control how comments are managed, whether you want to get an email when comments are posted etc. Tweet… Read More

Adding images to your posts and pages is an easy way to make them more visually interesting or emphasize a point. In this video we show you how to upload an image so you can use it in your blog post. Click the link to learn more about using the media center in WordPress. Click… Read More

Search engines love blogs. Why? They’re frequently updated Tags and categories make it easy to decide what the page is about When a user adds a comment it creates new content and often outbound links to more content Content on blogs tends to be short and keyword rich (focused) Tagging and categorizing your posts can… Read More

Blogger blogs can have almost as much fun as WordPress ones when you add some “Gadgets” (Google’s answer to widgets in WordPress). You can bring your Twitter feed into the sidebar, add games applications and other tools. There are actually quite a few both third-party and Blogger gadgets. Tweet… Read More