So, you want people to blog about you eh? Great idea, bloggers can be a huge help in getting the word out about you, but firs they have to find you, Second they have to think what you have to say is important enough to share with their readers. Let me tell ya, bloggers guard… Read More

Search engines look for whether the keywords you use are represented in the content of the article. If they are not you can be discredited. Try to target the keywords for each post on 3-5 keywords only and tune the content to deliver a good readable message that includes those keywords. The first keyword you… Read More

Under the settings tab is the link for Permalinks. These are the permanent links to your blog posts. Even if you update the page, unless you change the permalink the link stays the same. This is important when people are linking to your posts! Tweet… Read More

Search engines love blogs. Why? They’re frequently updated Tags and categories make it easy to decide what the page is about When a user adds a comment it creates new content and often outbound links to more content Content on blogs tends to be short and keyword rich (focused) Tagging and categorizing your posts can… Read More