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Facebook Timeline for Pages

We’ve mostly gotten comfy with the changes to our personal pages when Facebook went to the timeline model, but trust me, that was nothing compared to the changes you’re going to see for business. Let’s face it, the tab system with Pages never really worked, and it was hard to keep those really important posts […]

Facebook’s new privacy controls for posts

Facebook is constantly adjusting their privacy settings and they’ve just made it much easier to control it on a post-by-post level. When you create a Facebook post you’ll have several options. The first one is to tag the people you are with, or you want to make sure see the post. Just start typing your […]

Posting on your Facebook page as yourself or your page

It used to be that admins of Facebook pages had to post everything to the page as the page. Sort of annoying if you want to post both general information for your fans and respond to something as yourself. Even worse if you have multiple admins and they all post as the page. Confusing and […]

Facebook Page Admin Panel

Did you know that Facebook recently consolidated all the administrative functions for your Facebook Fan page in one easy to use interface? Yep. They did. Here’s a quick video overview of what’s under the hood. To get there, click “Edit Page” on any Facebook page you manage and voila! you’ll see all your admin functions […]

Build a Better Facebook Group

If you’ve decided to create one of the new Facebook groups and add your friends to it,  here are tips to make it more enjoyable  for everyone. Creating the group is easy. I’m assuming you’ve seen the video by now, but if not here’s a link and some info on creating Facebook groups. Here are some things […]

Facebook Adds a New Image Option

Facebook is one of the largest photo-sharing sites with something like 2.5 Billion photos uploaded per month! Up to date however the upload process and organizing your photos has been a somewhat painful experience. Any day now you should start seeing Facebook’s new photo uploader plugin when you upload images. The plug-in is being phased […]

Facebook for Business

There are cases where Facebook worked beautifully for a business. Dean Koontz built both a Facebook and MySpace profile for a character in his book “Odd Thomas” and the two sites quickly became fan sites and were fairly effective for sales of the books, complete with fan testimonials. Tweet

Create Your Own Facebook Page-Part 2

Now to dress your new Facebook page up a bit. Again, I’m assuming you have some familiarity with Facebook already, but even if you don’t, you should be able to log in and follow along. Since the re-design, Facebook pages operate even more like a profile, so it should look pretty familiar. A couple of […]

Create a Facebook Page-Part 1

Clients sometimes ask what I charge to build a Facebook page. I don’t charge anything at all for building a Facebook page, and I’ll tell you why. Pretty much anybody can build a Facebook page in 15 minutes or less. Actually there’s nothing to building the page at all, and don’t let anybody tell you […]