Yesterday Facebook began rolling out some new changes to the Facebook “Fan” pages and profiles. What seems a fairly innocent text change has created a whirl of frantic emails asking to understand this and what it means to the owners of Facebook pages. According to Facebook people tend to click “Like” almost two times more… Read More

In a previous video post about Fan Page data, we looked at some of the charts and graphs Facebook offers to help you understand your fans and your fan interactions. As mentioned before, you can also download the raw data into a spreadsheet format for further manipulation and tabulation. There are three data export options… Read More

As a Fan Page Administrator you have the ability to review and download certain data elements which can help you understand not only who your fans are but how well they like or engage with the content you post to your fan page. The Insights data provided by Facebook is not as comprehensive or thorough… Read More

There are several options for how you can pull in your Blog feed (or any RSS feed for that matter) to your Facebook Fan Page. The Facebook Notes application is one that is frequently used as a way to automatically post your blog posts to your Fan Page. The Notes feature also creates a place… Read More

Showcasing your own videos or your favorite videos from YouTube on your Facebook Fan page is easy using the YouTube Box Application. You can use this application to help customize your page and bring in your own content to show off your area of expertise or tutorials. Importing your favorite videos related to niche can… Read More

A reader wrote in to ask which was better on a Facebook Fan page. Use the wall as the homepage? Create a custom look using boxes amd FBML? Facebook fan pages are really mini-websites where a brand, product or individual can create community around themselves, get some feedback and hopefully input from fans and take… Read More

Customizing your Facebook Fan Page can really help strengthen your marketing and branding efforts. You’ve probably seen other Fan Pages that seem to have some extra customized tabs or added boxes for signing up for newsletters. This is usually the result of adding the Static FMBL application and inputting a bit of HTML code. FBML… Read More

Facebook profile pictures on either your personal profile or on your Fan Page are typically one of the few items a Facebook user will see first. This means it can be prime page real estate for making a first impression on the person who visits your profile or your Fan Page. If you’ve ever uploaded… Read More

If you build it, will they come? Maybe. You have your Facebook page all set up and a few people have become fans but you would surely like to continue growing your fan base. The following video tutorial will provide you with a few tips for helping you get more fans on your Facebook fan… Read More

Privacy on the internet has long been a concern. With the rise of social networking and online sharing, protecting which data and information you choose to share and make available to your networks becomes even more important. There have been significant concerns raised recently about privacy on social networks and how social networks need help… Read More

Facebook is one of the largest photo-sharing sites with something like 2.5 Billion photos uploaded per month! Up to date however the upload process and organizing your photos has been a somewhat painful experience. Any day now you should start seeing Facebook’s new photo uploader plugin when you upload images. The plug-in is being phased… Read More