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Facebook Timeline for Pages

We’ve mostly gotten comfy with the changes to our personal pages when Facebook went to the timeline model, but trust me, that was nothing compared to the changes you’re going to see for business. Let’s face it, the tab system with Pages never really worked, and it was hard to keep those really important posts […]

Facebook Page and Edge Rank

Having too many fans can actually hurt your Facebook page’s ranking. I know, sounds crazy right? If you’ve head me speak on social media you’ve heard me say that social media is not about numbers but about quality. This is particularly true on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook has a ranking system called “EdgeRank”. To put […]

Why you should NOT delete your Facebook Profile

If you’re unhappy with all the hoo-ha about Facebook and privacy issues you really might want to think twice before you delete or disable your Facebook account. “WHAT? They’re sharing my data, invading my privacy and displaying my private information to the public. Worse yet, they’re selling it to marketers who will use my face […]

Facebook Fan Page Analytics Part 2

In a previous video post about Fan Page data, we looked at some of the charts and graphs Facebook offers to help you understand your fans and your fan interactions. As mentioned before, you can also download the raw data into a spreadsheet format for further manipulation and tabulation. There are three data export options […]

Understanding Facebook Fan Page Analytics

As a Fan Page Administrator you have the ability to review and download certain data elements which can help you understand not only who your fans are but how well they like or engage with the content you post to your fan page. The Insights data provided by Facebook is not as comprehensive or thorough […]

Spicing Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Customizing your Facebook Fan Page can really help strengthen your marketing and branding efforts. You’ve probably seen other Fan Pages that seem to have some extra customized tabs or added boxes for signing up for newsletters. This is usually the result of adding the Static FMBL application and inputting a bit of HTML code. FBML […]

Making the Most of Your Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook profile pictures on either your personal profile or on your Fan Page are typically one of the few items a Facebook user will see first. This means it can be prime page real estate for making a first impression on the person who visits your profile or your Fan Page. If you’ve ever uploaded […]

Get More Facebook Fans

If you build it, will they come? Maybe. You have your Facebook page all set up and a few people have become fans but you would surely like to continue growing your fan base. The following video tutorial will provide you with a few tips for helping you get more fans on your Facebook fan […]

Complying With Facebook’s New Promotion Rules

Facebook recently implemented new rules that strictly control how you can promote your Facebook page–even off the Facebook site itself– and if you’d like to keep your account in good standing you’d best be paying attention. Using the Facebook brand You can in no way imply partnership endorsement or sponsorship without an official sanction from […]

New Rules for Facebook Promotions

If you have a Facebook fan page for your business and run contests or sweepstakes listen up. Facebook announced some new guidelines on Nov 4th, but as often happens it seems they didn’t really tell anybody! I expect it’s a reaction to the new FTC blogging guidelines and you really need to understand how this […]

Facebook for Business

There are cases where Facebook worked beautifully for a business. Dean Koontz built both a Facebook and MySpace profile for a character in his book “Odd Thomas” and the two sites quickly became fan sites and were fairly effective for sales of the books, complete with fan testimonials. Tweet

Facebook- Promote Your Fan Page

So you’ve decided to get your business set up on Facebook! Congratulations. Now let’s talk about promoting your fan pages so you get some fans! There has already been a post or two about building a fan page. This one is dedicated to promoting those pages. Tweet