Do I have to repeat at this point that it’s not about you? Sure, you want your personality and your opinions to come through, but if you really want to be a good community member you need to support others as well. Before you post a link to a blog post you just read, do… Read More

Seems like a load of work doesn’t it? Well it’s not really. If you paid attention you’ll see that once the accounts are set up a lot of this is done automatically through RSS feeds and auto posts, leaving you to reply and respond, carry on conversations on other blogs, Twitter and groups on LinkedIn… Read More

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Social media likes information in small bites. It’s one of the attractions to micro-blogs like Twitter. Deliver information succinctly and give me a link to follow if I want more information. Give me 5-1 minute videos to download instead of 1-5 minute video. This is good news for you. Tweet… Read More

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