Linkedin seems ti be following Facebook’s lead for advertising this month by creating a default setting on your profile that allows your face and name to be used in third party photos. Way back in June they quietly launched ad a lot like the much maligned “Social Ads’ campaigns that Facebook now runs. Did you… Read More

Linkedin maps is a pretty cool visualization tool for your Linkedin connections. As you can see from the clip below it allows you to see your network from a 40K ft level and then zoom in to see associations and relationships within your network, assign them categories and see where most of your connections are… Read More

LinkedIn announced last week the addition of a Promotions tab to Groups where members can post sales and promotions. The Promotions tab will be helpful in cleaning up the discussions area and helping members to more easily find discussions they might be interested in. It’s not uncommon to find a whole page of the discussions… Read More

Not too long ago, LinkedIn announced the ability add a link to your Twitter account to your profile along with the ability to send tweets from LinkedIn to Twitter and vice versa. Now, they’ve gone a step further with additional Twitter features including the ability to tweet and track all of your followers from within… Read More

LinkedIn recently launched a new feature which allows users to now “follow” LinkedIn company profiles. This feature has been described as the LinkedIn equivalent of becoming a fan or “liking” a business page on Facebook. But that’s really where the similarity ends. When you follow a company on LinkedIn you will receive notifications for activity… Read More

When it comes to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile and making it stand out from the masses, adding some LinkedIn applications can help your differentiate yourself and provide you with a platform to show off your work and expertise. Adding applications to your LinkedIn profile is a relatively new feature so the number of applications… Read More

Twitter posts can easily be fed into your LinkedIn profile. Share links to events or information your LinkedIn connections can use and appreciate. Don’t over-do it though. Here’s a short clip on how to integrate Twitter on your LinkedIn profile. Tweet… Read More

LinkedIn added a new feature today that can really help you focus on your strengths in your profile. The new change allows you to drag and drop sections of your profile and arrange it in the order you’d like people to see it. Here’s a quick video from the team at LinkedIn. Tweet… Read More

If you’ve got a Linked Premium account you can now use the Linkedin Profile Organizer in your account to manage your contacts with some basic, but sorely needed contact management features. Here’s a quick overview. Tweet… Read More

In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at how recommendations on LinkedIn can be useful to you and a few best practices for getting and sending recommendations on LinkedIn. Tweet… Read More

Have you taken a look at your LinkedIn profile lately? It may be showing up in the search engines, so it’s a good idea to update your LinkedIn profile and take a look at it once in a while with an objective eye. Tweet… Read More

People tell me all the time that they only use LinkedIn as a contact management site where they keep the links to business connections and little else. Wow, way to miss an opportunity. LinkedIn is an amazing resource for information and it’s really easy to establish yourself as a resource to boot. Tweet… Read More