Listen, listen, listen. The most important thing we can teach you here about social media is to LISTEN. Listen for conversations you can engage in. Listen to your customers to find out why your service isn’t as good as they expected or to see just how much your clients love you. Listen to what you… Read More

Only you can determine what it will take to prove your efforts are a success. So what will it take? Measuring engagement is tricky. For example, BusinessWeek has a tool they call the  “Reader Engagement Index.” They calculate the ratio of comments to posts on blogs. Which measures engagement on the blogs, but if a… Read More

Do I have to repeat at this point that it’s not about you? Sure, you want your personality and your opinions to come through, but if you really want to be a good community member you need to support others as well. Before you post a link to a blog post you just read, do… Read More

FriendFeed was initially a place where you could bring your social network RSS feeds into one place and share your information and your favorite links with your friends and see theirs too. FriendFeed helps you share your stuff, discover the stuff your friends think is cool and discuss how cool it is. Seems simple right?… Read More

The Search Monitor watches paid search, blogs, news, and web sites and offers a more complex search all wrapped up in a spiffy interface for those reports you have been needing to write. Site monitor keeps an eye on your paid search keywords as well as those of your competitors and creates a number of… Read More

Social media moves very quickly, and while traditional search and alerts are fine for finding existing conversations, sometimes you want to get up to the minute results. Lazyfeed searches RSS feeds from blogs and Twitter to video and image feeds. Do real-time searches on any topic and if the results are intriguing save the search… Read More