I’ve gotten quite a bit of great feedback on my last post, the 5 traits of the social sales person. The post really seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of people, even though it barely touches the surface of how sales people can use social media to get more business. Of course… Read More

You know, the platform you develop your brand on doesn’t matter in the least. What DOES matter is that the people you want to get to know you, who would most benefit from knowing your brand are using that network. I suggest you go through a few steps: 1. Clearly identify what your brand is all… Read More

The holiday season is upon us, and the days following December 25 tends to be slow for most people. That makes it a perfect time to take stock in your online presence. When was the last time you updated your web site? What social sites did you join and then never use? I know, I… Read More

Some of the most vehement arguments I hear against social media are from PR and marketing people. They say they don’t trust it because they can’t control what people are saying about them or the spin that may be put on their message once they release it to the webverse. I’m here to tell you… Read More

Taking your social media efforts offline is a logical next step, especially if your goal is to create community and evangelists for a club or organization. Having a party, a meet-up, workshops or meetings on a face to face basis both empowers and rewards your loyal following. Some may step forward and want to create… Read More

So you’ve decided social media is a useful way to connect with your customers and spread the word about your business? Cool for you. Now how are you going to convince the CXOs that it’s not just a waste of time? I’d suggest you don’t start with “We HAVE to have a Facebook page” as… Read More

I love Vimeo for it’s high quality videos and the TV-like quality but it’s not really appropriate for how-to and quick web cam videos. Seesmic excels at personality rich snapshots, and it’s really great for quick video captures of a moment, a technique tip or even comments on your blog. 12SecondTV is a lot harder… Read More

Most people immediately think of YouTube when they think of video online. The site has more videos posted than any other site in the world. Unfortunately, people also think of YouTube as a big time suck, even more so than Twitter. How are you going to make it something you can sell to the CXOs… Read More

You’ve probably heard over and over that social media is about authenticity, sincerity, and transparency. Maybe this has prevented you from getting a little extra help with your social media needs; you aren’t looking for someone to go out and impersonate you online. You want to be sure that you are the one maintaining control… Read More

When you’re figuring out how you want to use social media sites you need to be honest about your time and resources. Can you commit to a schedule? How much time can you devote? Do you already have content available that you can re-purpose for your social media efforts? (See the section on content for… Read More