Everybody talks about how Comcast turned their customer service reputation around by setting up the Comcast Cares account on Twitter. But it wasn’t Comcast that did it. It was Frank Eliason, setting out on his own to solve a problem. He wasn’t trying to make sales. He was trying to solve a problem, and it… Read More

Image by What What via Flickr Traditional marketing methods are all about getting the product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Preferably with a catchy enough slogan or design to differentiate yourself from the herd. Failing that, some marketers turn to volume. If you can reach millions of people every day on Twitter… Read More

It is not uncommon for people active in social media to take breaks from some of their networks because of input overload. It starts simply. Follow a link on Twitter, to a blog with links to great sites with cool videos, that in turn lead you down YouTube for an hour, following a trail of… Read More

Engaging in online media and maintaining your social presence online is time consuming, and it can quickly become overwhelming as well. This is especially true if you are new to using social media. A Social Media Virtual Assistant (SMVA) is someone who can get you set up on different social networks, streamline systems for maintaining… Read More

Do I have to repeat at this point that it’s not about you? Sure, you want your personality and your opinions to come through, but if you really want to be a good community member you need to support others as well. Before you post a link to a blog post you just read, do… Read More

Flickr is often thought to be just a place where you share the family reunion photos or the blackmail pics from spring break. It can be some much more. Have you got a new Powerpoint demonstrating the highlights of your product? Pull the most interesting slides and save them on Flickr. Tweet… Read More

Seems like a load of work doesn’t it? Well it’s not really. If you paid attention you’ll see that once the accounts are set up a lot of this is done automatically through RSS feeds and auto posts, leaving you to reply and respond, carry on conversations on other blogs, Twitter and groups on LinkedIn… Read More

Find other blogs in the same space and add your voice in the comments section. If you’re signed up with backtype or Disqus any comments you make will be tracked and links to your comments and the blog they are on will show up on backtype’s site. Clip interesting posts and share them in Amplify… Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge topic and I’m not going to go in depth here, but let me just say that social media will blow you away with its capacity to improve organic search results. (Organic search results are listings that are not paid to be displayed.) I’ve done some un-scientific tests and… Read More

Social media moves very quickly, and while traditional search and alerts are fine for finding existing conversations, sometimes you want to get up to the minute results. Lazyfeed searches RSS feeds from blogs and Twitter to video and image feeds. Do real-time searches on any topic and if the results are intriguing save the search… Read More

To connect effectively with the people in your network, you need to create relationships. You need to understand the needs, the pains and the joys of the community. You need to nurture these relationships with attention, caring and entertainment. Yes it is work, but the rewards can be almost immediate. Tweet… Read More

Getting started is simple. The hard part is figuring out who you want in your network, and where they “live” online. It’s a waste of time and energy to join a network if your target market isn’t there. Tweet… Read More