QR codes are those funny looking blotchy boxes like the one you see to the right of this post. QR stands for Quick Response.They were originally developed in Japan as an inventory control tool and they’ve been using them for around 10 years now. The code above is for the Social Media Coaching Center. We… Read More

If you haven’t heard of Google Moderator, you’re probably not alone. It doesn’t seem to be one of the Google applications that has gotten much press or online mention. Recently though, Google Moderator was given a significant boost as they announced that Google Moderator was now integrated with YouTube so that you can now solicit… Read More

Image via Wikipedia You may have seen the ads for Groupon on Facebook.The site offers coupons for local businesses by email. “One ridiculously huge coupon each day on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in…(insert your city here)” Not rocket science in itself, but this thing has taken off like a rocket… Read More

Image via Wikipedia One of the most obvious governmental uses of Crowd-sourcing has been President Obama’s effort to really hear the voices of the American people. He used several platforms to do this, including Ideascale’s platform at opengov.ideascale.com where the people were allowed to post ideas, discuss and refine others’ ideas and vote the best… Read More

Image via Wikipedia Ask500People.com is a very simple site that allows you to ask any question you want of a diverse and de-centralized group of people. Users post a question and it goes into the queue where other users can give their opinion and comment on the question. Instant reporting gives you basic demographics on… Read More

Image by shareski via Flickr Crowd-sourcing is a way to leverage the knowledge and interests of a large number of people to gain insight, solve problems and create content. A traditional marketing research team might locate a few people, bring them into a room with some video cameras or a one-way mirror and ask a… Read More