I really use Twitter apps more than I do the website, but there are still some things that are best done directly on the Twitter website and I bet you don’t know some of these. Take a few minutes to fine tune your Twitter experience.Tailored suggestions Whether you’re new to Twitter and need to find… Read More

I was sad to see Tweetdeck’s Air app discontinued. It’s been the go-to Twitter client I recommend to our clients since the app launched. Easy to use and lightweight, pretty much anybody could master it in a few minutes, and with a few minutes more they could add on some spiffy bells and whistles and… Read More

Twitter launched new layouts for our Twitter profiles on 9/18. A lot of people haven’t done much with them yet, but it was fun to watch them launch this new feature on the Today Show and see what people are starting to do with them. @Jfouts What’s new with Twitter profiles Now you’ve got a… Read More

While everybody is all a-twitter about the Google Plus pages Twitter rolled out some changes of their own. Really it’s not that big a deal, but here’s the story (pun) The big news actually happened a few days ago. Twitter is promoting users success stories at stories.twitter.com. Users are encouraged to submit stories about how… Read More

I’ve mentioned in the past that I like what the engineers at Twylah are doing with Twitter. Basically they aggregate and archive your tweets in a way that makes them easy to brows for your readers. Now they’ve just released a new feature called “Power Tweets”. When you send a power Tweet Twylah automatically creates… Read More

I’ve been gratified and a little puzzled by some of the people who follow me on Twitter (or any other social network for that matter). I mean, sure I hope you follow me, and a lot more people too, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta wonder what makes people choose to follow one person and… Read More

Twitter chats are a very effective way to connect with your existing followers and create new ones. There actually are no set rules for tweet chats, but here are some guidelines to help you get yours off the ground. Pick a date Set your date and time when you expect a lot of your followers… Read More

I’m not the first to say Twitter is a fantastic search engine traffic booster.  A link in Twitter shared by your friends and re-tweeted by others can drive a bunch of traffic if carefully worded. But here’s the thing. Traffic doesn’t do you any good at all if when we get to the page we… Read More

I’m always on the hunt for a new Twitter app, or a new iPhone app and I download and test a ton of ’em and share them with my friends and clients. But I don’t review very many. This one is different. It’s called “TweetAgora” and it can do a lot of the things I… Read More

I don’t think it’s a good idea to post your Twitter stream to your Facebook page automatically. It confuses people who don’t tweet and a lot of the time it just doesn’t make sense to see your tweets out of contest. “Thanks for that Joe!” is confusing if not annoying unless someone is sufficiently interested… Read More

Do you know about Paper.li yet? This is a pretty cool service that works with Twitter to pull the information posted in your network into one easy to read online newspaper with a summary of links, videos and images shared by the people in your network. What a great way to feature those people who… Read More

When you’re tweeting to promote your business the first thing some people do is start spewing marketing speak about how great their company is and why it’s the be-all end-all and I should go get it right now! This isn’t the best way to get your message out. Twitter, like most other social networks is… Read More