I’m not the first to say Twitter is a fantastic search engine traffic booster.  A link in Twitter shared by your friends and re-tweeted by others can drive a bunch of traffic if carefully worded. But here’s the thing. Traffic doesn’t do you any good at all if when we get to the page we… Read More

Twitter search is a great way to find leads and new connections to help your business grow, but using just the search box alone can yield an awful lot of noise! So let me show you how to easily filter out some noise and get a result that’s useful with advanced Twitter search. Thinking about… Read More

There are also real time monitoring tools that let you quickly search for breaking events, and you can also do a real time search to see if someone is talking about you while they are standing in line. Several cases have been reported of Southwest Air and Jet Blu where someone was standing in line… Read More

First off Twitter is not all about numbers. You need followers and at first you need to figure out how to find them and connect and that’s what this post is about. It is NOT advice on how to get thousands of followers just for the sake of numbers. Be a regular tweeter. Try to… Read More