When the NFL tried out  Google+ Hangouts for the league’s fantasy football pages to enable a video chat feature, and the Hangouts on air, the buzz about this video platform really took off. In case you don’t know what they are, Google+ Hangouts allow you to video chat live with a group of up to… Read More

I’ve mentioned in the past that I like what the engineers at Twylah are doing with Twitter. Basically they aggregate and archive your tweets in a way that makes them easy to brows for your readers. Now they’ve just released a new feature called “Power Tweets”. When you send a power Tweet Twylah automatically creates… Read More

Google just introduced their “plus 1” feature. It hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, but you’ll probably see it soon. Here’s a video description of how it works (from Google’s point of view.) If you want to give it a spin, click here to join Google’s Experimental Labs. So who sees your +1’s? People in… Read More

Do you know about Paper.li yet? This is a pretty cool service that works with Twitter to pull the information posted in your network into one easy to read online newspaper with a summary of links, videos and images shared by the people in your network. What a great way to feature those people who… Read More

Did you know that Facebook recently consolidated all the administrative functions for your Facebook Fan page in one easy to use interface? Yep. They did. Here’s a quick video overview of what’s under the hood. To get there, click “Edit Page” on any Facebook page you manage and voila! you’ll see all your admin functions… Read More

WordPress themes make all the difference in the way your blog is presented to the world and they allow you to change from one look to another in a few clicks! There are thousands of options out there for a WordPress theme, so how do you decide which ones suit your needs, gets you the… Read More

Lots of people (including me) say automation can be the death of conversation on the internet. The idea is that if all of your content is pumped out through automated channels and even your private messages are automated that there is no conversation at all. You might as well talk to your PC. While I… Read More

I saw this video and just wanted to share with you some thoughts on blogging for business. Blogging can help you put down on paper what makes your business the one that everybody should flock to instead of the other guy’s. And that’s YOU. YOU are the heart and soul of your business and if… Read More

Twitter search is a great way to find leads and new connections to help your business grow, but using just the search box alone can yield an awful lot of noise! So let me show you how to easily filter out some noise and get a result that’s useful with advanced Twitter search. Thinking about… Read More

There are applications you can use to play YouTube videos in your FaceBook page but what if you want to offer your whole Facebook channel, favorites or playlist on your FaceBook page? FaceBook doesn’t allow you to place the embed code directly into your page, so you’ll need to translate your object embed code to… Read More

WordPress is a constantly evolving platform and this new release, WordPress 3.0 has some big changes in it. 218 individuals contributed to the new version and the changes are pretty substantial. Custom pages We’ve been telling clients for years that WordPress makes an excellent platform for building a website that’s easy to maintain and very… Read More

Facebook took the online world completely by surprise when they announced in April the launch of their line of new “social plug-ins” which can be installed on websites and blogs. Facebook’s new plug-ins creates an avenue for your website or blog visitors to connect with your site and share what they like outside of Facebook… Read More