If you haven’t heard of Google Moderator, you’re probably not alone. It doesn’t seem to be one of the Google applications that has gotten much press or online mention. Recently though, Google Moderator was given a significant boost as they announced that Google Moderator was now integrated with YouTube so that you can now solicit… Read More

If you use WordPress for your blog you already know how much functionality it has and how many plug-ins there are out there for it! We found a plug-in that will pull multiple RSS feeds into WordPress so you can curate the posts from all of your social media networks on a single page on… Read More

It’s easy to add value to a blog post by linking to a video. In this post we’ll cover how to embed a video, upload one of your own or link to a video URL and play it in a player that shows in Flash or HTML5. Click the close button to return to the… Read More

If you’ve got profiles on multiple social media networks it can be a bit of a hassle to keep up with everybody and their various updates. Gist gives you the ability to link your address book and your contact list on a number of social media sites together with some email applications (It’s particularly powerful… Read More

YouTube just recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and made the astounding announcement that there are 2 billion video views PER DAY. Releasing videos on YouTube is a great way to increase your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube videos will often come up on the… Read More

Last week Twitter announced the launch of Blackbird Pie where you can plug in the URL of a tweet and it will generate HTML code you can use to embed that tweet on your site or in your blog. Previously, online publishers were primarily using screenshots to show specific tweets in their articles or posts.… Read More

LinkedIn recently launched a new feature which allows users to now “follow” LinkedIn company profiles. This feature has been described as the LinkedIn equivalent of becoming a fan or “liking” a business page on Facebook. But that’s really where the similarity ends. When you follow a company on LinkedIn you will receive notifications for activity… Read More

An overview of the Reading Settings Tab. This is where you set what visitors see on the home page, where the blog posts are displayed on the site if you use a page instead of posts on your homepage. If you want to use WordPress as a website instead of a blog, you can do… Read More

Don’t like the little tiny editing box in the editing window of WordPress? This is where you can change that, decide of you want to use emoticons, let WordPress correct  XHTML weirdness. set your default posting categories, post remotely and all kinds of other fun stuff. Tweet… Read More

Widgets are nifty little bits of code that can add huge amounts of functionality to your WordPress blog. Generally, but not always they are used in the sidebar  (sometimes called the side column) of your blog, but they can be used in other areas of the site depending on your theme design. In this video… Read More

Last week we covered some of the basics for how to get started with setting up Hootsuite as a social networking dashboard. As a tool for managing your social networks all in one place, Hootsuite is a web application tool for managing multiple platforms at once. This post will focus on how to monitor keywords… Read More