Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge topic and I’m not going to go in depth here, but let me just say that social media will blow you away with its capacity to improve organic search results. (Organic search results are listings that are not paid to be displayed.) I’ve done some un-scientific tests and… Read More

Social media likes information in small bites. It’s one of the attractions to micro-blogs like Twitter. Deliver information succinctly and give me a link to follow if I want more information. Give me 5-1 minute videos to download instead of 1-5 minute video. This is good news for you.… Read More

The Search Monitor watches paid search, blogs, news, and web sites and offers a more complex search all wrapped up in a spiffy interface for those reports you have been needing to write. Site monitor keeps an eye on your paid search keywords as well as those of your competitors and creates a number of… Read More

There are also real time monitoring tools that let you quickly search for breaking events, and you can also do a real time search to see if someone is talking about you while they are standing in line. Several cases have been reported of Southwest Air and Jet Blu where someone was standing in line… Read More

Social media moves very quickly, and while traditional search and alerts are fine for finding existing conversations, sometimes you want to get up to the minute results. Lazyfeed searches RSS feeds from blogs and Twitter to video and image feeds. Do real-time searches on any topic and if the results are intriguing save the search… Read More

I’m going to use a winery as the example, but you can take the same concepts and apply them to any field. How do you decide what to listen for if you want to get beyond your product, your brand and your own fine self? You can use tools like Google’s keyword tool, sites like… Read More

What do you want to talk about? Consider what you talk about at work, at home, and with clients, and make a list of topics and keywords that are at the core of your day-to-day conversations. Include the keywords you use to talk about your business on your website as well as a few of… Read More

In this short video tutorial, Janet talks about all the different ways you can use Slideshare. Upload your own presentations, share them with other users and post them to a variety of social networks easily. Not just a sight for sharing your presentations, Janet provides ideas for how to use Slideshare to share your ideas,… Read More

To connect effectively with the people in your network, you need to create relationships. You need to understand the needs, the pains and the joys of the community. You need to nurture these relationships with attention, caring and entertainment. Yes it is work, but the rewards can be almost immediate.… Read More

Twitter can help build your personal presence in the search engines and websites you link to as well. When you post a short url to a website on Twitter most (not all) of the url shortening services can be read by the search engines and so that link now counts as a precious back-link to… Read More

Don’t steal somebody else’s Tweet without giving them credit. Either say RT @jfouts and then quote the tweet verbatim or give the text and then (via @jfouts ) as a credit. The only exception to this is if the Tweet has been re-tweeted several times, and then you can credit the original tweeter. When you… Read More

To send a message to your network in general, just put your thoughts in the text entry box and hit update. Really, it’s that simple. If you want to send a link though I recommend you use a URL shortening tool like tinyURL,, or (Google them) to make the URL short and… Read More