I’m stunned that even after all this time, Twitter doesn’t send out a welcome message with basic instructions on how to use their service. It would be really simple, but I guess they think it’s intuitive. It’s not. Using the Twitter website: Login with your username and password. See that box that says “What are… Read More

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Profile image: The thumbnail icon that is your avatar is another way people are going to decide if you’re interesting or not. If they see your shining face along with influential discussions in their area of interest they’re going to remember you and want to talk to you. You… Read More

The most important thing to do before you start following people is get your Twitter Profile done. Bio, picture, links to important info and a color scheme all help tell your story. When somebody is deciding to follow you or not, they’re going to come to this page to see who you are. If it’s… Read More

Twitter is one of my favorite networks, but at first I didn’t get it at all. I followed a few friends, and searched the main Twitter stream for interesting things to read, but it seemed to be nothing but random chat. How in the world was this going to be useful for my business? After… Read More

Like all social media networks you want to start with your home page. Add an image, fill out your bio and add some of the RSS feeds to your other networks if you have them by clicking the add services link. Don’t feel like you have to put them all up right away, you can… Read More

Getting started is simple. The hard part is figuring out who you want in your network, and where they “live” online. It’s a waste of time and energy to join a network if your target market isn’t there.… Read More

Chuck Hester is the author of “LinkedIn Pay it Forward.” He has over 9,000 people in just ONE of his networks, yet he actively engages a large number of his connections regularly. He created a local network called “LinkedIn Live” in Raleigh, North Carolina that attracts hundreds of people who connect face to face and… Read More

How many connections you can effectively communicate with? The “Dunbar’s Number” theory (named for a British anthropologist who theorized that the average human brain could only effectively maintain a social relationship with approximately 150 people at one time) is frequently quoted as a measure of how many connections one person can manage effectively, usually by… Read More

We have seen how individuals and groups can leverage their extended networks to reach many people quickly. How does this happen? If you have 50 people who follow your blog, a forum with 100 members and a Twitter following of 500, you have 650 people in your personal social media circle. On average, each of… Read More

SpliceToday.com is a web magazine that produces unique, off-beat articles on topics ranging from politics, music, sex, sports, and top news stories. The content is organized into a collection of linked articles, original writing and multimedia. This is a tough space in which to differentiate, and SpliceToday needed to build their brand and traffic so… Read More

There are a lot of ways to automatically post your links to social bookmarking sites with automated posting systems. The problem with using them is the lack of connection with other users. They simply get posted to the site and wait for someone to stumble across them and (hopefully) re-share. Bookmarks don’t really do you… Read More

Choose 2-3 networks to post on first, and get to know and find the users you want to connect with. Maybe they are in the same field or maybe they have a complementary interest. Read some of their posts and vote them up, re-share them with your network or otherwise support them, even if you… Read More