Social bookmarking sites are abundant and a very popular way to save your favorites, share them with friends and drive traffic to your content. A very short list of the most popular are: Digg, Yahoo! Buzz, StumbleUpon, reddit, delicious, kaboodle, Propeller, twine, diigo Blinklist, newsvine. Social Bookmarking is a deep subject, but this will get… Read More

Social media trends come and go in the blink of an eye and putting all of your marketing efforts into a network or platform that no one goes anymore. There is also SEO to consider. If you have content on a number of sites all talking about your product and pointing to your main presence… Read More

Like any community there are a lot of un-written laws to how you tweet on Twitter. Most of it is just plain common courtesy and some of it is specific to the platform. What I’m posting here in no particular order are the ones I try to remember and I encourage you to add your… Read More

One of the things that drives me bonkers about Twitter is that when they start to get a heavy load they turn off pagination, or even replies. This means if someone replied to an interesting Tweet last night you’re going to miss it. Using clients like Twhirl let’s you view these older tweets, but you… Read More

As soon as I saw Seesmic’s shiny new desktop I gave up Nambu. The only things I miss are the link list, (you can scan all the links you’ve received or sent) and the notes indicating how many messages were in the lists in the left-hand navigation. Seesmic recently introduced a host of new features… Read More

First off Twitter is not all about numbers. You need followers and at first you need to figure out how to find them and connect and that’s what this post is about. It is NOT advice on how to get thousands of followers just for the sake of numbers. Be a regular tweeter. Try to… Read More

Twitter is becoming increasingly hard to ignore as both a marketing tool and a traffic builder, but that still doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. There are a few ways for a small business to use this social media tool: Listen for mentions of your product, your brand or news in your industry Drive traffic to… Read More

LinkedIn is WAY more than a place to keep your business contact information. It’s a place to network, build your status as a resource for information and assistance and a place to connect with people who have what you need. The question is how do you make it work for you? The first and most… Read More

Honestly? If you will ever need a job or to speak to another person in business, you probably do. LinkedIn is one of the most prominent and vital business networking sites out there. Don’t think just because you have a good job now you won’t ever need to share your resume again. Jobs come and… Read More

So you’ve decided to get your business set up on Facebook! Congratulations. Now let’s talk about promoting your fan pages so you get some fans! There has already been a post or two about building a fan page. This one is dedicated to promoting those pages.… Read More

So you’ve decided to get your business set up on Facebook! Congratulations. Now let’s talk setting your personal and business accounts up separately to give you privacy and promote your business more effectively. Your Facebook profile is your personal account. This is where you should connect with friends and family and those clients who are… Read More

Now to dress your new Facebook page up a bit. Again, I’m assuming you have some familiarity with Facebook already, but even if you don’t, you should be able to log in and follow along. Since the re-design, Facebook pages operate even more like a profile, so it should look pretty familiar. A couple of… Read More