Lots of business started out on Facebook before they really understood how it works, and maybe you’re one of them. You set up a personal profile to use Facebook for your business instead of a fan page. That’s actually a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use and your account can be cancelled for it. It… Read More

It used to be that admins of Facebook pages had to post everything to the page as the page. Sort of annoying if you want to post both general information for your fans and respond to something as yourself. Even worse if you have multiple admins and they all post as the page. Confusing and… Read More

There is a lot of confusion over what an iframe is and how it works with Facebook pages. Actually there is no voodoo or rocket science involved at all. An iframe is simply a frame around content. With Facebook, the frame is restricted in size to fit within the Facebook page. In order to get… Read More

After FBML is phased out on Facebook we will need to build pages as iFrames instead. This means you literally put a frame around content hosted on your own website and share it on your Facebook page. Pretty cool huh? On the face of it this seems even better, but of course there’s a catch… Read More

There are a few key elements here to use on the content you embed in your iFrame Facebook Page that can make a huge amount of difference in how your fans use and share your content. These little bits of code are pretty simple really, and if you can handle a little PHP you can… Read More

One very cool thing about adding your own content to an iFramed Facebook Page is the ability to allow your fans to comment on the content and discuss it right there on the page. Click the download link to get the code to add a comment box to your iFrame and a step by step… Read More

We’re delaying the release of new¬† Facebook Page templates and tutorials due to the final drop-dead date for <FBML> code on Facebook. They announced they were going to do this quite some time ago, but now the date is set. After March 11, 2011 it will no longer be used. Instead you’ll be required to… Read More

As you might have already heard, Facebook just rolled out the new Facebook Pages design and features as a preview last night. The goal is to make pages look more like profiles and although you still won’t have the same options as you do on your profile it’s a big step in the right direction.… Read More

Linkedin maps is a pretty cool visualization tool for your Linkedin connections. As you can see from the clip below it allows you to see your network from a 40K ft level and then zoom in to see associations and relationships within your network, assign them categories and see where most of your connections are… Read More

Twitter chats are a very effective way to connect with your existing followers and create new ones. There actually are no set rules for tweet chats, but here are some guidelines to help you get yours off the ground. Pick a date Set your date and time when you expect a lot of your followers… Read More

Facebook is notorious for changing their privacy rules and revealing personal data. On January 14 they began to allow Facebook applications to access and use user addresses and mobile telephone numbers and use them as part of the platform offered to developers. (see Facebook’s announcement here.) So what should you do? Go to Facebook and… Read More

There are a lot of factors to consider before you start blogging for your business, and surprisingly the first question is NOT WordPress or Twitter. This is the first post in a series we’ll be doing as a companion to our WordPress classes, but the ideas apply to any blogging platform. So, you’ve decided to… Read More