• Beth's Blog- How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media- Wiki Posts – List of post by Beth Kanter about Wikis, how to use them as work spaces.
  • Free Wiki Space – Site for creating free Wikis and connecting to friends and family on a WikiTree.
  • KickApps – Create your own online community. Include custom social networking, message boards, video sharing, viral widgets, and other user generated content.
  • Mzinga – Platform for organizations to communicate, collaborate and share information and knowledge in a single environment.
  • Ripple 6 – Paid Social media platform for creating your own online communities with a content mangement system and built in analytics tool.
  • Wikis Are Now Serious Business – Post from Read Write Web about 10 ways to consider using Wikis.
  • Wikispaces – Paid and free options for creating your own Wikis

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