There are a lot of factors to consider before you start blogging for your business, and surprisingly the first question is NOT WordPress or Twitter. This is the first post in a series we’ll be doing as a companion to our WordPress classes, but the ideas apply to any blogging platform. So, you’ve decided to… Read More

Blogger blogs can have almost as much fun as WordPress ones when you add some “Gadgets” (Google’s answer to widgets in WordPress). You can bring your Twitter feed into the sidebar, add games applications and other tools. There are actually quite a few both third-party and Blogger gadgets. Tweet… Read More

Whether you are an amateur blogger or a professional blogging for a company you need to clearly understand the FTC‘s rules for bloggers or suffer the consequences.Like up to $11,000 in fines! Tweet… Read More

Have you ever been reading a blog post and scrolled down to make a comment only to find a loooong comment that’s basically a blog post in itself? Did you add your own comment or did you decide it had all been covered? Tweet… Read More

Whenever you do a search for tips and tricks to build traffic to your blog you’ll find lots of resources offering to help you build traffic by auto-generating comments on other blogs with a link to your domain in the profile. You’ll also find loads of tools that can help you start multiple blogs and… Read More