Whenever I think of video and social media I think of Robert Scoble. This blogger/author/photographer started interviewing people for Microsoft’s Channel 9 video team and he clearly understood from the start that in order to be in on the cutting edge he needed to be available and create an amazing network of resources to information-both… Read More

When David Moye was laid off from his job as a writer he decided to follow his passion and transition into PR. He’d done a lot of consulting, but he knew his lack of agency experience would make it tough to break into a new career. He knew he had to find a way to… Read More

Intel’s policy on moderation is pretty open for a corporation of its size. Excerpt from the Intel Social Media Guidelines posted on their website: Tweet… Read More

AKA the “Ready To Learn Mom” is an excellent example of building your personal brand through social media. Stacey founded Cedar Valley Publishing; Mom Central Consulting;  Stacey Kannenberg Unlimited; and Mother Talk and she’s leveraged her understanding of relationship development and social media to build a multi-million dollar presence using social media and spending very… Read More

To connect effectively with the people in your network, you need to create relationships. You need to understand the needs, the pains and the joys of the community. You need to nurture these relationships with attention, caring and entertainment. Yes it is work, but the rewards can be almost immediate. Tweet… Read More

Chuck Hester is the author of “LinkedIn Pay it Forward.” He has over 9,000 people in just ONE of his networks, yet he actively engages a large number of his connections regularly. He created a local network called “LinkedIn Live” in Raleigh, North Carolina that attracts hundreds of people who connect face to face and… Read More

SpliceToday.com is a web magazine that produces unique, off-beat articles on topics ranging from politics, music, sex, sports, and top news stories. The content is organized into a collection of linked articles, original writing and multimedia. This is a tough space in which to differentiate, and SpliceToday needed to build their brand and traffic so… Read More