Everybody talks about how Comcast turned their customer service reputation around by setting up the Comcast Cares account on Twitter. But it wasn’t Comcast that did it. It was Frank Eliason, setting out on his own to solve a problem. He wasn’t trying to make sales. He was trying to solve a problem, and it… Read More

To connect effectively with the people in your network, you need to create relationships. You need to understand the needs, the pains and the joys of the community. You need to nurture these relationships with attention, caring and entertainment. Yes it is work, but the rewards can be almost immediate. Tweet… Read More

How many connections you can effectively communicate with? The “Dunbar’s Number” theory (named for a British anthropologist who theorized that the average human brain could only effectively maintain a social relationship with approximately 150 people at one time) is frequently quoted as a measure of how many connections one person can manage effectively, usually by… Read More