Can it be there will finally be privacy on Facebook? Three big things came out on Facebook today (if you don’t have them yet be patient, rollout may take a bit). Groups Facebook added a new feature to create groups from your homepage and select only the friends you want to know about it to… Read More

We’ve been able to see mutual friends in common on other users’ profiles but now Facebook has quietly incorporated the pages you “like” in common too. While this could be a useful research tool, well, it could be a useful research tool. Tweet… Read More

Lots of people (including me) say automation can be the death of conversation on the internet. The idea is that if all of your content is pumped out through automated channels and even your private messages are automated that there is no conversation at all. You might as well talk to your PC. While I… Read More

Facebook surprised some of it’s users last week by announcing the layout changes will finally go live on August 23. If you administer pages you may have already seen it in the pages you manage.(Admins are getting Up to now a user created tab could be as wide as 760 pixels wide, giving you plenty… Read More

This bookmarklet from Reclaim Privacy takes the hassle out of sorting through your Facebook privacy settings. Just run the bookmarklet as shown in this video and then take a moment to review the results and make the best choices for you! Tweet… Read More

If you’re unhappy with all the hoo-ha about Facebook and privacy issues you really might want to think twice before you delete or disable your Facebook account. “WHAT? They’re sharing my data, invading my privacy and displaying my private information to the public. Worse yet, they’re selling it to marketers who will use my face… Read More

With the recent privacy change controversies people are starting to consider leaving FaceBook altogether. In theory this is pretty easy. Just go to this link on Facebook (you’ll need to be logged in) and click submit. Your account will be deleted. So will anything you uploaded and you will no longer be an administrator on… Read More

Yesterday Facebook began rolling out some new changes to the Facebook “Fan” pages and profiles. What seems a fairly innocent text change has created a whirl of frantic emails asking to understand this and what it means to the owners of Facebook pages. According to Facebook people tend to click “Like” almost two times more… Read More

Taking your social media efforts offline is a logical next step, especially if your goal is to create community and evangelists for a club or organization. Having a party, a meet-up, workshops or meetings on a face to face basis both empowers and rewards your loyal following. Some may step forward and want to create… Read More

Showcasing your own videos or your favorite videos from YouTube on your Facebook Fan page is easy using the YouTube Box Application. You can use this application to help customize your page and bring in your own content to show off your area of expertise or tutorials. Importing your favorite videos related to niche can… Read More

A reader wrote in to ask which was better on a Facebook Fan page. Use the wall as the homepage? Create a custom look using boxes amd FBML? Facebook fan pages are really mini-websites where a brand, product or individual can create community around themselves, get some feedback and hopefully input from fans and take… Read More