Managing Google+ business pages and adding new administrators, or “managers” is simple to do. First of all the owner of the page is the person who originally created it. That person is the only one who can add the first manager to the page.   Adding managers to your Google+ page As the owner of… Read More

Everybody is asking and it’s a tough question for many. I know a lot of the marketing firms are jumping in with both feet, but for my small business customers I’msaying no, wait a bit. Why? There are so many things business page can’t do yet. For example: A page can’t follow you until you… Read More

Google launched business pages today and boy, you really are going to want to do this. Why? Because it’s going to give Facebook a SERIOUS run for it’s money. Combine the power of Google search and business pages and this could be very, very interesting. The announcement of Google pages for business came just as… Read More

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