Yesterday Facebook began rolling out some new changes to the Facebook “Fan” pages and profiles. What seems a fairly innocent text change has created a whirl of frantic emails asking to understand this and what it means to the owners of Facebook pages. According to Facebook people tend to click “Like” almost two times more… Read More

Taking your social media efforts offline is a logical next step, especially if your goal is to create community and evangelists for a club or organization. Having a party, a meet-up, workshops or meetings on a face to face basis both empowers and rewards your loyal following. Some may step forward and want to create… Read More

Backtype If you are a regular commenter and you find new places to post through searches etc, you can find yourself in the odd place of losing track of everywhere you posted a comment. Short of bookmarking and cataloging each one Backtype keeps track of your comments on blogs and keeps a running list for… Read More

The whole idea behind starting a group is to create a place where you, your peers and friends learn together and share ideas. Do take the time to enjoy the group and the people in it. You don’t have to have a blog, your own forum, a Twitter account or even a Facebook page to… Read More

Managing forums and groups on the various networks can be a lot of fun if you want to find ways to really get people talking about focused topics. Focused interest groups can be a powerful way to connect with other business people in a meaningful way. Here are  some tips for beginning community managers as… Read More

While it’s important to build a network of social media profiles to grow your visibility, deliver your message broadly and learn from your connections, mega-networks don’t necessarily  pay off  all by themselves. But here is how a large network can really be useful. I have a couple of monster-networker friends on LinkedIn. I’ve tended to… Read More

So you’ve listened carefully and discovered that the people you want to connect with are mostly on 2-3 different networks and many are on both. Now what do you do? Even if you find these deep conversations on 3, 6 or even 10 different networks, don’t engage on all of them at once. Take your… Read More