There are several options for how you can pull in your Blog feed (or any RSS feed for that matter) to your Facebook Fan Page. The Facebook Notes application is one that is frequently used as a way to automatically post your blog posts to your Fan Page. The Notes feature also creates a place… Read More

There are lots of explanations for the acronym “RSS” but the most popular is probably Really Simple Syndication. RSS is simply a way to deliver a “feed” of the headlines of a blog, video or audio in a standardized format. This allows a publisher of content to syndicate it and deliver it to users in… Read More

Blogs (short for web logs) started as on-line updates and diaries. Bloggers posted their thoughts and shared them with their friends, posted progress on a new project, or documented the birth and growth of their baby. It didn’t take long before writers and journalists picked up the idea and soon we were reading posts from… Read More

Social media moves very quickly, and while traditional search and alerts are fine for finding existing conversations, sometimes you want to get up to the minute results. Lazyfeed searches RSS feeds from blogs and Twitter to video and image feeds. Do real-time searches on any topic and if the results are intriguing save the search… Read More

Like all social media networks you want to start with your home page. Add an image, fill out your bio and add some of the RSS feeds to your other networks if you have them by clicking the add services link. Don’t feel like you have to put them all up right away, you can… Read More